About Ophelia

Art is one of the things that make humans “human”, and according to the latest estimates it is something people started to do as long as 75,000 years ago. I always feel moved to realize that this drive I have to create is apparently so primal and has driven people in a far, far past.

When I ask myself where this drive comes from, why I keep on creating despite all the frustrations that come with it, I touch the essence of my life. It looks as though for me the life force is closely connected with the need to create, the need to find expression in one way or another for the mystery of life and to honour it in that way.

That jewellery making has been my starting point in art is no doubt connected to the fascination I had as a child with the culture of ancient Egypt and with it’s colourful jewellery and statues. Colour is the red threat in my work, I can be deeply moved by colour and to me it is as least as important as form.


Later on I developed the skills of hammering and enamelling bowls and plates, and fell in love with painting as well.

What I’m always looking for is an expression, as direct as possible, of what you find when you dive into the depths of yourself, or someone else, of that what is essentially ungraspable. And there, I strive less and less for perfection, I’m looking for the immediate, for that which is alive, I try not to “interfere” .

So my journey as an artist is a journey of letting go, letting go of the laws that were taught to me during my education. Also the letting go of laws and conditionings that I have internalized during my life. And again, there’s  the inseparable connection between art and my life: the deeply, hart-felt longing to come to true authenticity.